About Intrinsic Research Systems

Intrinsic Research Systems provides investment professionals with a new and innovative option in the area of security analysis and valuation through desktop and mobile soutions. Our mission is to provide the institutional analyst and investment manager with a visually revealing and easy to use decision making toolset designed for advanced security, portfolio, industry, sector, and economic analysis.


Intrinsic Research is a subsidiary of Mergent Inc.  Founded in 1900, Mergent operates one of the longest continuously collected databases of descriptive and fundamental information on domestic and international companies; pricing and terms and conditions data on fixed income and equity securities; and corporate action data.  


Powerful Analytics

Intrinsic’s analytical capabilities are built around the work flow of the security analyst and portfolio manager and are designed in an easy to learn, use and customize format. The System’s analytical capacities have been designed to provide quick access to common equity and fixed-income analysis themes with the added dimension of an open-ended environment where analysis capabilities are limited only by user’s imagination.  Our clients can spend their time on decision making and exploring new ideas rather than navigating a cumbersome, outdated platform.


Our applications have been constructed from the ground up using today’s database and ‘smart client’ technologies, providing our clients with a robust and unmatched user experience. These same technology cornerstones give Intrinsic Research Systems the flexibility to effectively utilize client feedback in order to continually evolve our product suite with new features, data and analytic content keeping our products at the leading edge of the analytical thought process.


Integrated Data

Intrinsic Research Systems applications utilize a deep and detailed content set specifically formulated for the needs of the security analyst and portfolio manager.  Company data includes fundamentals, pricing, estimates, filings, classification, and an impressive library of comprehensive business reference data.  Fixed income data includes terms and conditions, ratings, pricing and calcuated analytics for corporate and municipal bonds.  Our economic database touts hundreds of time series covering economic indicators, commodities, rates and dozens of other categories, with some series dating back to the early 1900s..


Consultative Client Support

Intrinsic understands the critical importance of client service and is dedicated to providing consultative support that matches our application’s high-performance standards. Service is so important that we consider it a cornerstone of our business along with our analytics and database.  Our client’s appreciate the ability to interface with experienced, US based, phone and on-site support representatives who are knowlegeable of the investment management process and who act as a strong advocate for the client’s needs.
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