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Intrinsic Research System is the ultimate stock picker’s tool.  It combines unlimited flexibility in graphical equity fundamental/valuation analysis along with modules focused on financial statement analysis, reporting & screening, sector/industry, macro-economics data and portfolio characteristics.


Intrinsic’s capabilities are designed around the workflow of the equity analyst and portfolio manager and are provided in an easy to learn and use format. The application’s tab-driven interface simplifies the research and analysis process…allowing you to concentrate on your strategy and selection decisions.  Instantly toggle from your own graphical equity analysis routine to screening results, sector valuation, macro-economic analysis or portfolio characteristics.


Learn more about some of Intrinsic’s capabilities here:


Equity Analytics

Company News & Reference

ETF Analytics

Reporting and Screening

Ranking System

Custom Peer Groups

Sector and Industry Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Fixed Income Analysis

Economic Analysis

Custom Spreadsheets



How Intrinsic Research Systems can help improve your decision making process:


  • Find signs of improvement or deterioration in fundamentals through revealing graphics
  • Examine absolute and relative valuation graphics using a wide variety of metrics and overlays
  • Quickly build and save your own analysis routines for future access
  • Understand the quantitative performance characteristics of valuation methodologies
  • Review comprehensive and auditable financials for data transparency
  • Screen for new ideas and report on your portfolios or watch lists
  • Graphically examine the fundamental and risk characteristics of your portfolios
  • Create custom benchmarks for fundamental and valuation analysis
  • Examine sector & industry performance and fundamental characteristics
  • Review relationships between commodity, economic & stock data through regression analysis
  • Perform valuation modeling based on your own assumptions
  • Study technical analysis charts and trends
  • Access integrated consensus estimate and GICS classification data
  • Download Intrinsic’s rich data set into our Excel add-in


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