Economic Analysis

Intrinsic fully integrates macro-economic data into the system, with access to hundreds of key series.  Deep histories of economic data can be charted, viewed and imported into spreadsheets. Within the Intrinsic interface, economic data can be transformed into a variety of formats and can be charted or regressed against any corporate time series.  A sample of economic data categories within the system include:  Interest Rates, Spreads, Commodities, GDP, Price Indexes, Labor Statistics, Leading Indicators, Money Supply, Federal Reserve Data, Construction and Credit.  Intrinsic economic data extends back as far as the early 1900s and includes recessionary period shading and commentary.


Transform and Analyze

Select from hundreds of economic series and dozens of transformation and display features to analyze economic

data your way.  Or, click through our pre-built economic routines for quick analysis of trends across dozens

of data categories. 


Economic Chart


Regression Analysis

Chart and view regression statistics for any corporate data series vs. any economic or commodity data series.

Utilize built-in lead and lag options for best fit analysis.


Regression Chart


Correlation Matrix

Examine the cross correlations between equity and economic variables over time with the Correlation Matrix.



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