Equity Analytics

Intrinsic’s visual approach to analysis is embedded throughout the application, providing you with a unique perspective on data, trends and expectations.  The system’s power lies in its ability to give you quick, visual feedback as to a company, ETF, industry or sector’s historic trends and future prospects, while at the same time permitting you to examine “what if” scenarios through valuation modeling.


Key Content & Capabilities

    • Analytics are built on the foundation of a clean, deep and detailed corporate/economic database, with fully integrated consensus estimate data.
    • Quickly access a wide variety of default fundamental and technical analysis capabilities across 16 major categories (Valuation, Profitability, Growth, Consensus Estimates, Financials, News…).
    • Design and save your own custom charts and display combinations to fit your analysis style.
    • Combine equity pricing or fundamentals with economic data to understand relationships.
    • Utilize Intrinsic as a common platform for analysis where your firm’s ideas can be tested and debated by sharing custom tab groups.
    • Visually model Intrinsic Value based on your own earnings, growth and discount rate assumptions.
    • Easily print or export Intrinsic’s high quality graphics for presentations or reports.


Graphical Fundamental/Valuation Analysis

Conduct valuation, relative valuation, growth and profitability analysis with the option to overlay multiple statistical studies, trend lines or your own notes.


Valuation Chart





Create Custom Graphics

Select from hundreds of equity and economic time series to create custom displays and save them for later use.  Analyze companies relative to their sector, industry or custom peer group.


Enterprise Value / EBITDA Chart



Fully Integrated Consensus Estimate Data

Examine EPS, Revenue, EBITDA, and Cash Flow estimates and revision.




Detailed Financial Statement Analysis

Utilize standardized and as reported financials.  Drill down to reported data for any standardized value and easily

chart any statement line item.  Utilize a variety of display types including ratios, percent change and common

size.  Audit any standardized line item to understand the as reported items included in the value.


Balance Sheet with Active Audit


Insider and Institutional Ownership Analysis




News, Transcripts and Company Events

News with source filtering, Earnings Calendar dates and links, Earnings Call Transcripts, Dividends, Company History and more..



Broadcast Video Search and Playback

Access trending topics and company news in the media using Critical Mention Video Broadcast Search.





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