Sector & Industry Analysis

Perform fundamental diagnostics on sectors and industries within the Intrinsic system.  Evaluate a group’s historic valuation and growth trends along with future projections just as you would a stock.  Or, evaluate a stock’s PE or EPS growth relative to its industry and sector across time.  Finally, for more customization, create your own sector or industry peer groups and share them with your team.


Russell & S&P Index/Sector/Industry

Track Russell and S&P Index, Sector and Industry level perfromance data.  Drill down to underlying company perfromance and fundamentals.



Historical & Prospective Growth

Analyze revenue, EPS and cash flow growth across time through Intrinsic’s rich graphical displays.

Chart and report on bottom-up consensus expectations and revisions for sectors and industry groups.


Sector Growth


Sector Valuation

Analyze sectors and industry groups just like you would a stock including valuation, profitability, financial

statements and consensus projections.


Sector Valuation


Sector and Industry Comparisons

Analyze S&P Sectors and Industry Groups relative to one another though crisp, interactive graphical and tabular

displays.  Drill down from Sector to Industry Group to underlying member company data.


Industry Groups


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