Academic Institutions utilize the Intrinsic Research platform for company, market, industry, sector, portfolio and economic analysis. Our sophisticated toolset helps professors and students perform real world research using the same tools and concepts used by investment professionals worldwide. Intrinsic’s flexible design permits custom case studies and analytical frameworks to be easily implemented.


Company Analysis – Perform graphical fundamental and technical analysis through Intrinsic’s easy to use tab driven interface. Access default report themes covering growth, valuation, profitability, financial statement, estimate, liquidity and performance analysis or build your own custom displays and graphical/tabular reports. Fully auditable, standardized, as reported, restated and company specific financials are blended with pricing, estimates, ownership, insider, segment, debt, news and events data to complete the analysis.


Valuation Analysis – In mere seconds, you can access deep, detailed histories of valuation metric data. Understand a company’s current valuation relative to its history in absolute or relative form using crisp, clear graphics. Numerous display formats and statistical overlays give you the power to customize your analysis. Search for value candidates using a wide variety of valuation screening metrics.


Valuation Modeling – Easily model present value based on default or customized company and market growth, risk and discount rate factors using the Intrinsic Value model. Explore the impact of growth rate or discount rate change on intrinsic value. Use the Intrinsic Value model as a ‘sanity check’ against your own in-house models.


Top Down – Compare integrated sector and industry characteristics in tabular and graphical form. Drill into any classification level to view the underlying company data. Examine industry and sectors just as you would a stock using Intrinsic’s sector and industry aggregates.


Idea Generation – Screen and score for investment ideas across dozens of data item categories including growth, valuation, profitability, performance and consensus revision. Then, easily dig deeper into the resulting candidates to continue the analysis process.


Portfolio Monitoring – Break down your real or hypothetical portfolios using tabular reports and through revealing graphics. Analyze allocation and portfolio characteristics as a whole, and then drill down into individual holdings to view sector bets and company characteristics.


Economic Analysis – Access a wide range of default economic charts and data displays covering hundreds of time series. Build your own economic graphics and panel displays and organize them in a fashion that fits your thought process or research lessons. Dual scale, lead/lag, regression statistics, growth rates, calculated transforms and statistical overlays are all easily applied to your economic graphics of choice.


Custom Stock Groups – Intrinic’s Stock Groups module permits the creation of custom peer groups for the analysis of industry group data and for use as a custom relative benchmark for growth and valuation comparisons. Once created, Stock Groups act just like a stock within the system giving access to all data elements from pricing and financial statements to estimates. Multiple Stock Group weighting schemes are available including equal, market, share and custom factor weights.


Excel Modeling – Bring all of Intrinsic’s broad array of financial, reference and economic data into the open-ended Excel environment to create your own custom spreadsheets. Or, if you prefer, utilize our large library of Excel templates to jump start your spreadsheet development. Need help? Contact our team of spreadsheet consultants who will happy to assist you in the creation of your models and reports.

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